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Counselling Services

In-person, video and phone counselling and mental health support.

Counselling services are offered by our team of well trained counsellors, clinical psychologists and educationists providing emergency counselling via our helpline, face-to-face psychotherapy and counselling.

They are available five days a week and we offer mainstream and alternate therapeutic services such as reiki. We also offer referrals to individuals in crisis.

Our counselling services are trauma-informed and are specifically designed for individuals living in conflict settings.


  • Psychosocial first aid
  • Counselling & talk therapy
  • Crisis referral

people reached through calls,
face-to-face counselling

Saba, 41, Srinagar

Saba, 41 years old, from Srinagar, reached out to KLL on our helpline number (18001807020)...

Saba, 41 years old, from Srinagar, reached out to KLL on our helpline number (18001807020), after attending an awareness session in her local handicrafts and skill-building workshop.

Saba had been suffering from an "unbearable toothache for a while". She consulted multiple doctors and specialists, used tubes of pastes and ointments, and consumed many strips of painkillers but was unable to get any relief from her pain. She also complained of chronic back pain which made it difficult for Saba to run her household and raise her three children.

As Saba's sessions at KLL continued, we were able to work towards her understanding the underlying causes of these physical issues– unresolved grief of her husband's sudden demise in a car accident a few years ago; post traumatic anxiety about growing up during the conflict; and the stress of raising the children on her own– all of which had somatized i.e. showed up in her body through pains and aches.

Together, we worked to help her learn tools and techniques to support her in managing both her daily stressors as well as processing long-term emotional issues. We also identified a financial need and put her in touch with a suitable organization that offers financial support for people dealing with economic hardship in Kashmir.

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Aamer, 19, Baramulla

Aamer, 19 years old, is preparing for the NEET exam. Aamer grew up in the rural area of Baramulla...

Aamer, 19 years old, is preparing for the NEET exam. Aamer grew up in the rural area of Baramulla, Kashmir. He has moved to the city to attend coaching classes in Srinagar. He got to know of KLL’s services from his friends and shared with us that he is "stressed about his future" and that he is experiencing anxiety and "panic attacks".

Being the only male child in his family, there are high expectations from Aamer wherein he is pressured to excel in his academics and become a doctor. He also expressed feeling stressed because of a "complicated romantic relationship".

With Aamer, we began our work with him by helping him understand the nature of stress and how it impacts our lives. In sessions, we practiced self-care and mindfulness techniques to be able to deal with stress and anxiety. Once he was able to manage his stress, we explored his expectations and aspirations, and identity - of being an individual, a son, a student, a friend, and a community member– and how these impact his sense of self.

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Young Minds

A preventive mental health intervention for children that is designed for conflict environments.

The Young Minds programme works with children, both in schools and in the community, to help them build awareness, develop an understanding of their mind and thoughts and to manage stress and anxiety. It aims to equip children with a psychological first aid toolkit that helps them work through their emotions and feelings in a constructive manner, thereby improving their behaviour and academic performance.

Further, as an outgrowth of Young Minds, KLL partners with local orphanages and homes to offer regular psychological support to the children living there.


  • Group discussions
  • Social Emotional Learning
  • Self-expression

of students (in the last three years) across private and public schools in urban and rural area


of parents and teachers

respondents considered the exercises taught as relaxing
respondents found the exercises energising
found out session helpful to release stress and tension
children found the writing exercises helpful for their emotional health
participants found an increase in their concentration levels

“This programme taught me to realise how I am feeling in the moment. My mood has improved and I thoroughly enjoyed the programme.“ - Student, Govt Middle School, Saidakadal

Outreach & Awareness Building

De-stigmatising mental health and building awareness and access to mental health services in community settings.

Our awareness and outreach work is to raise awareness on mental health and destigmatising seeking help for mental health among people living in Kashmir. Our outreach is also tailored to specific audiences such as school and college students and health workers. Through our awareness campaigns, we help audiences understand various mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and OCD and the impact it can have on people's lives.

While raising awareness on the importance of seeking mental health help, we also amplify information on different coping techniques. So far we have reached groups such as anganwadi workers, college and school students, employees in government and private organizations and handicraft skill development trainees.


  • Psychosocial Awareness programmes
  • Outreach in schools, colleges and community centres

people reached through calls,
face-to-face counselling

ICDS, Ganderbal

A training-cum-awareness programme was conducted at all the ICDS projects in this district organized by Kashmir Lifeline….'such programmes should be continued in future in the large interest of the organization and for the public in particular.'- District Programme Officer, ICDS Ganderbal