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We are non-judgmental, maintain confidentiality and anonymity and provide contextual support and free space.

Our Team

All our care providers are Kashmiri and understand about life in Kashmir. Our care providers have diverse backgrounds and approaches to mental health care and are trauma-informed. Our counsellors have expertise in both conventional as well alternative techniques to mental healthcare, including psychiatric medicine, psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and psychosocial first aid.

We continuously strive to provide self-care to all our staff and counsellors, to avoid burnout and compassion fatigue. The team is continuously provided training for upgrading their counselling and psychotherapeutic skills, including specialised training in areas such as suicide prevention and counselling survivors of child abuse and domestic violence.

Dr Prerna Sud

Dr. Sud has worked in various capacities at Kashmir Lifeline since 2012 including instructor, case supervisor, clinical psychologist, and currently Director. She specialises in crisis intervention and trauma therapy.

The team in Kashmir

Manzoor Tramboo

Manzoor has been our go-to person for anything related to office functioning since day one. As the office administrator, he supports the team’s logistical and IT needs. He also contributes to outreach and awareness programmes.

Nazia Rashid

Nazia is our team leader who consults with clients at our centre. She also runs outreach and awareness programmes in the community. She is one of the founding team members at KLL and has been associated with the organization for the last 12 years.

Peer Nazia

Peer Nazia is one of the founding therapists at KLL with expertise in liaisons and outreach along with therapeutic work. She is further involved in implementing and supervising the Young Minds Programme. She has also played an active role in our grassroots training and awareness with Anganwadi and ICDS workers.

Iqra Hameed

Iqra is a mental health counsellor with four years of experience. Previously, she worked on the Young Minds Programme and currently supports community outreach and awareness programmes.

Tabish Rafiq

Tabish is a mental health counsellor at KLL. Prior to this role, she worked as a trainer for the Young Minds Programme. She also supports our community-based work and outreach. She believes that psychology is a tool for self-awareness and developing a deeper understanding of one’s behaviour and emotions.

Board Members

Kapil Kak

Kapil Kak is a retired Air Vice Marshal and currently a member of a delegation of 'concerned citizens' from India, led by former Union Minister, Yashwant Sinha, visiting Kashmir to aid conflict resolution efforts. He is also a guest speaker on strategic and security issues at the National Defence College, Armed Forces War Colleges, civil institutions of higher learning and many universities.

Vir Singh

Vir Singh is Managing Partner at Diligent Advisors. He is an experienced international journalist and researcher.

Wajahat Habibullah

Wajahat Habibullah is the former chairperson of the National Commission for Minorities. He was the first Chief Information Commissioner of India and retired from the civil services in 2005 after nearly four decades of service.

Founder & Advisor

Justine Hardy
Founder, Advisor

Justine Hardy is an author, journalist and mental health practitioner with over 21 years of experience in reporting on and working on the psychological effects of conflict and violence in Kashmir.